Election Campaign

"As county commissioner, I work to be an advocate for children and early childhood education and to be a voice for people who are disenfranchised."


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Provide short-term aid and long-term recovery assistance to community residents, commercial and agricultural businesses suffering short- and long-term loss from Covid19 crisis.

Plan for safe, efficient, and accurate election processes, especially if Covid19 remains an issue.

Evaluate 2020 Census results and structure any required redistricting to be fair to all Olmsted county residents.

Advise and coordinate with all Human Services, Community Services, Community Corrections, Probation and Public Health to offer safe and compassionate care in creative new ways as we adapt to limitations imposed by Covid19.

Continue to monitor and work to improve air and water quality and safety.

Advocate for child youth and family as a member of the Association of Minnesota Counties’ Legislative Committee for Health and Human Services.

Serve on the State Advisory Council on Children’s Mental Health, a position I was appointed to by Governor Walz to represent needs of rural counties.

Continue county work with the city, Mayo, Olmsted Medical Center and non-profit organizations to reduce homelessness and related problems.

Adjust long-range county project-planning to account for expected budget shortfalls.  Priority for some or all the following planned projects may require adjustment to provide funds for short-term critical needs.

  • Build larger and more public -friendly Nature Center at Oxbow Park.

  • Build planed and much needed Regional Crisis Center for youth and adults needing mental and emotional health support.

  • Plan development of former Seneca property to include affordable housing and retail.

  • Rebuild highway 104/14 interchange.

  • Continue to upgrade efficiency of our Waste-to-Energy Facility.

  • Build new County park at White Bridge site on Lake Zumbro.